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Today’s Auto and Industrial Mechanics face a daunting array of “fastener-access” challenges in their work environments. Engines are smaller and with limited under-the-hood room afforded in highly compact engine compartments.

This issue is critical for all mechanics to navigate, and it is prevalent in industrial machine environments, too.  The matter is even more crucial for the Professional Mechanics and those who derive a living based on efficiency and production as they use their mechanical skill sets with their tear down, repair and assembly work.

There are safety issues as well one encounters while trying to “make time” with job production schedules.

The OSH, Canada website lists as the first two of the most relevant hazards concerning safety of Hand Tool Use:

What are the hazards of using wrenches?

Hazards may vary depending on the work and can include:

  • The wrench slips off of the work,
  • The work piece may suddenly break free causing you to lose balance,

In securing your wrench upon the workpiece, it is often impossible to get good gripping, full contact on what are more prevalent “hard-to-reach-fasteners” using a straight handle tool, whether using a box wrench or a ratcheting socket wrench. This is true even with wrenches that flex at the head area.

The wrench slips off the work piece if the “moment of force” reaches an angle that diverges, lesser (or more) than a torque force moment of 90 degrees of the handle to the fastener surface.

Tools that can flex help in this regard, however, they can slip if the tool head does not lock— There are several locking head socket ratchets and box wrenches that lock at the head, but no tool to this point locks BOTH the wrench head and the handle, let alone in 121 locking positions.

This is why the MEGAFLEX was invented and refined. With such a wide range of locking flex—both the joints on the MEGAFLEX Handle lock simultaneously in less than a second— thus a wrench is now available in 3/8” and ¼” Drives with 121 locking positions that alleviate a whole host of mechanics woes, up to this point not addressed… Stay tuned to other areas of mechanics’ challenges that are met with other features of the amazing MFX Technology!

Feel free to share what the MEGAFLEX could do for your mechanical environment by sharing an instance where “you could’ve used this tool!” in some application you want to share here or on  the contact page.

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